MOLE AVANT TOUT INCORPORATED, a non-profit organization with mission to initiate or support projects in Haiti and particularly in the region of Mole St Nicolas whose goals are to create mechanism to improve the lives of the population. MAT focuses its effort on outcome-based programs in the fields of health, education, environment, community projects like small infrastructure and economic development. The service area of the organization is the State of Florida, and particularly in Mole St Nicolas in the country of Haiti, and anywhere in the United States or other countries where Haitians or Friends of Haiti reside, and contingent upon approval of the Board.

 St. Nicolas

Mole St. Nicolas and its rural surroundings have a population of approximately 200,000 people. The area was called the “Far West” due to its remote location in the northwestern tip of Haiti. However, Mole St. Nicolas has tremendous natural beauty and significant historical importance. Mole St. Nicolas is the first place where Christopher Columbus Mole first set foot in Haiti on December 6, 1492. And it has been dubbed the “Gibraltar of the New World” because of its maritime route that links North, South, and Central America.